Why join Al-Watania Poultry Egypt?

Al-Watania Poultry -Egypt believes that Human Capital is the most valuable asset that we should rely on in our growth journey. That’s why we do care to attract the top talents who are the key drivers to our successes.
On the other hand, we exert the utmost efforts to support our employees’ engagement and participation to guarantee a healthy and competitive working environment.
we are keen to apply the Equal Employment Opportunity in all our employment practices to assure not engaging in any discrimination activities against an applicant or employee on the basis of race, age, color, sex or religion.

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Al-Watania Poultry Academy


The overarching goal of higher education is to adequately prepare students to achieve success in their future careers. While facing a certain level of academic rigor and gaining important life skills can be considered crucial aspects of career preparedness that students receive while in college, more and more importance is being placed on the value of experiential learning.
Wherefore, Al-Watania Poultry (Egypt) offers the Internship Programs in order to support fresh graduates to learning in professional environments, gain exposure to their chosen field, gain coveted work experience.

Training and Developing

Al-Watania Poultry (Egypt) invests every year in around 35% of its employees believing that the importance and benefits of employee training and development will return with highly qualified and competitive workforce, increasing employee retention, and higher employee engagement.
Ultimately, we treat employee training and development as a shared responsibility among employees, managers and the organization. We are keen on plan and implement it correctly and consistently, as the benefits gained can spur considerable growth at both individual and organizational levels.

Career Path

We believe that employees usually feel more engaged when they believe that their employer is concerned about their growth and provides avenues to reach individual career goals while fulfilling the company’s mission.
So we do our best to develop and implement a career development path that provides employees with an ongoing mechanism to enhance their skills and knowledge that can lead to mastery of their current jobs, promotions and transfers to new or different positions. In addition to improving morale, career satisfaction, motivation, productivity, and responsiveness in meeting departmental and organizational objectives.


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