Al Watania for Broiler Production

One of Al Watania Poultry Egypt companies and it is the third stage in the group’s integrated production loop, the location has been chosen to be three spaced regions to ensure the application of strict global conditions for bio-security.
Emphasizing the principle of food safety, the highest standards of production quality are followed, as its broiler chickens are the only source for poultry and poultry meat used in preparing and manufacturing the final product for Al Watania Poultry Egypt.

The Project’s Location

Hamra Entrance, Wadi El-Natrun, El-Alamein Road, El-Beheira Governorate.

Competitive Advantages
  • Use of vegetarian feed only that doesn’t contain any animal proteins.
  • Never use any antibiotics, growth stimulants or hormones.
  • Produce 100% healthy chickens that are subject to veterinarian supervision.
  • Use the latest supportive poultry farming machinery & equipment, including an automatic system for catching birds.
  • The Cobb chickens are famous for their rich breast meat, and considered to have the world’s best chicken meat taste.