Al Watania for Grandparents 

One of Al Watania Poultry Egypt companies, and it is the first stage of the production cycle. It was founded in 1988 as an Egyptian joint stock company to enter the Egyptian and the Arab market by a breed with high efficiency in food conversion. Al-Watania Poultry Grand Parents Company is the sole agent for the breed Cobb 500 in the Arab region since 1998, and also producing breeder chicks. This project was implemented in three stages, the third stage has ended in 2011.

The Project Consists of

The project consists of a group of breeding wards and production wards, in addition to a hatching lab and a feed mill.

The Project’s Location

The breeding site was chosen in a remote desert area on the Al-Alamein International Road in Buhaira governorate and far from the urban sprawl, in application of the strict global standards for preventive and bio-security, in a way that ensures the provision of all the capabilities that make the grandparents community a completely closed society, which achieves the high ability to resist epidemics.


Competitive Advantages
  • The Sole agent for the most famous worldwide breeds,Cobb breed .
  • Greater uniformity ratio and dressing percentage of breast meat.
  • Highest conversion rate.
  • Highest productivity leading to safe and affordable protein in the market.
  • Production balance between breeder and broiler flocks.
  • Lowest death rate.