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Marinated Chicken Thigh

Marinated Range

Product Description

Fresh Marinated Chicken Thigh, naturally fed, air-cooled and packed under vacuum. It gives you a product of high quality and nutritional value that is quick to prepare and has a distinct taste.
Available in mandi dressing, grilled dressing and Indian dressing


Italian seasoning: table salt – black pepper – lemon peel – citric acid – sugar – turmeric powder – garlic powder – red pepper.

BBQ seasoning: table salt – spices – chili – black pepper – garlic – onions – red pepper extract.

Mandi seasoning: table salt – turmeric powder – garlic – cardamom – white pepper – black pepper – bay leaf – cinnamon.


6 days from slaughter day

Available Weights

Marinated Chicken Thigh
1000 Grams