Al Watania for Feed Production

The company has two factories, one for the production of poultry feed and the other for the production of animal feed.

The poultry production plant manufactures all types of fattening feed, maternal feed and table egg feed.

The animal production feed manufactures all types of feed for cattle and sheep.

The company owns a complete unit for the production of whole fat soybeans (soybeans).


The feed manufacturing stages are characterized by the latest production lines, where the latest expertise has been used to manufacture poultry feed, which aims to provide a safe food product to the Egyptian consumer and to develop the poultry industry using the latest technologies and equipment in the manufacture of feed, such as checks on raw materials before manufacturing them with computers, as well as the latest systems Electronic weighing of raw materials used in the manufacture of feed and systems that protect the environment.


Competitive Advantages
  • The produced feed gives the best fertilization rate and hatching rate for breeder feeds.
  • Best conversion rate feed for broilers.
  • The highest dressing percentage and meat-bone ratio of the produced chicken meat.
  • Highest homogeneity in all kinds of poultry.
  • Highest production level of table eggs featuring a tasty quality and low cholesterol rate.
  • Using 100% vegetable raw materials without adding any animal protein.
  • It has a modern cars fleet which use the latest loading and unloading methods to transport bulk feed from the factories to farms so that it is not affected by any external factors.
  • The highest conversion factor in cattle meat and the highest milk production for milking.