Al Watania for Poultry Processing

In the belief to implement an integrated activity, Al Watania for poultry processing was established in 2009 using the latest technology available globally, including Islamic slaughtering and processing lines for fresh and frozen chickens as well as for manufacturing lines for fully cooked and half-cooked chicken products. The slaughterhouse is the newest and largest In Egypt and the Arab world.

The slaughterhouse is characterized by high facilities that allow providing all shapes and sizes of packages that suit all needs and uses in terms of family consumption, supply sectors, hotels and private markets.

The Project’s Location

The slaughterhouse is located in Egypt, Beheira Governorate – Wadi El Natroun Center – Nabba Al Hamra Village.

Total area: 163 acres

Competitive Advantages
  • The use of air cooling systems, which preserve the real weight of the chicken.
  • An integrated automatic system that ensures comprehensive sterilization without human intervention.
  • Providing innovative packaging for products using the latest packaging systems in the world.
  • The integration of the productive chains, allowing full control over the quality of the raw materials.
Islamic slaughtering

Islamic way of slaughter is a religious compelling issue and should be recognized and followed by all Muslims. Apart from being a religious issue, Islamic technique of slaughtering has health advantages verified by various scientific studies. Manual slaughtering by the neck as per the specification of Islamic code gives blood time to leak out.